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NEW! Introducing 3 Month Solar Bonds –
Short-term Flexibility

Designed to offer greater short-term flexibility, 3 Month Solar Bonds may be redeemed quarterly. With attractive interest rates, no investment fees, and low minimum investment requirements, these are our most flexible offerings to date. View our current offerings now.

Invest in Something Bigger

Issued by the Solar Industry Leader

Solar Bonds are SEC-registered debt securities issued directly by SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY), with no investment fees for purchase*. We offer a range of maturities, with attractive, fixed interest rates paid quarterly or semi-annually. With the largest pool of residential solar assets in the industry, we plan to offer investors access to additional series of Solar Bonds on a regular basis.

Strong Backing, Controlled Risk

Solar Bonds allow investors to participate in the high-growth U.S. solar industry with the controlled risk of bonds. SolarCity is America’s leading full-service residential solar company and the largest U.S. solar employer, with more than 14,000 employees and growing. We’re currently providing more than one of every three new residential solar systems nationally.

Earnings Powered by the Sun

Your earnings come from SolarCity and the monthly solar payments we receive from our more than 230,000 solar customers — homeowners, schools, businesses, and government facilities that have made the choice to go solar.

Returns that go Beyond Money

Solar Bonds give impact investors another way to help fuel the growth of solar energy. Your investment in Solar Bonds helps SolarCity harness more clean, abundant solar power, and helps us create hundreds of American jobs every month. Learn more about the investment impact.

How to Purchase Solar Bonds

Buy Direct or Brokerage Account Bonds

Solar Bonds are available both for direct purchase online from SolarCity and for purchase through brokerage accounts or IRA accounts. Direct purchase bonds, which offer a higher rate of return (compared to brokerage bonds of equal maturities), are issued daily, while bonds with a CUSIP for brokerage accounts and IRAs are issued bi-weekly. Learn more about your investment choices.

If you’re an investment advisor or a broker dealer, and you’d like to purchase Solar Bonds for your clients, please contact us, and our customer service team would be happy to assist you in setting up your account. You may also fill out the form above and we’ll happily follow-up with you. Visit our support page for our contact information.

Investments that Make an Impact

Investments in Solar Bonds help support the growth of solar energy, one of the cleanest forms of power available.

About SolarCity

SolarCity doesn’t just provide clean energy solutions. We’re starting a clean energy movement — and now, we’re offering financial products designed to help support that movement. We’re disrupting the century-old energy industry by providing renewable electricity directly to homeowners, businesses and government organizations, for less than they spend on utility bills. Learn more at

* If you invest through an existing brokerage account or IRA account, your financial institution may charge you additional fees.